What a year! Here’s a look back:

  • Survived a pandemic. Goodness.
  • Started running a lot more. I’m having fun, but I’m not fast.
  • Adopted a dog (also my running buddy). Hello Scout!
  • Lost my father-in-law. We did not see this coming and the family is still hurting. I miss you Fred. We all miss you. Thanks for always being there for us, and your massive heart.
  • Celebrated Erin’s 41st, Jack’s 12th, Caelin’s 10th, Evie’s 8th, Eleanor’s 5th, and Avery’s 3rd birthdays. A few more weeks to go until Eleanor turns six, and then we’ll start it all again in November.
  • Launched a bunch of cool new stuff at work (highlighted at WWDC) and supported a pending merger.
  • Joined the board of the Welles Park Parents Association, a parent-led volunteer organization teaching baseball and softball fundamentals to over 1,600 neighborhood children. As part of my role, I’m managing equipment and uniforms for the league.
  • Coached two baseball teams, and helped out with two others.
  • Invested in LongJump, a Chicago-based fund started by friends to invest in early stage companies and founders.

To celebrate, I took the day off and started it off by talking (and some texting) with friends and family. We’re capping the night off with a big peanut butter and chocolate pie.

Thanks for reading 🙏