Over the weekend I took to Excel to try and plot out the next 20 years. I use to do this more frequently when I first graduated from college, but stopped doing so at some point - probably when I paid off my credit card and student loan debts (my planning was really just old fashioned budgeting).

Things are different now. I have three young children and a business. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I spend my time, and how much time I have left to make an impact. So, this exercise was pretty fun for me as mapped out things like how old I’ll be when the kids go to college (52, 54, 56), how much money we’ll need to save to send them to college (a lot), how many miles I’ll ride based on recent mileage (100k), and how many more years I think I’ll be working (32). All really fun stuff for me to think through and put into perspective.

I encourage you to run through the same exercise - I guarantee you’ll be surprised at the outcome(s).