I was walking with Dylan and Roscoe earlier this morning and noticed patches of green grass sprouting up through the top of the soil. Soon the trees will be flush with leaves, the family will be making weekend trips to the Green City Market and and Jack will be crawling. I’m excited.

Erin is heading out of town this for a meeting this Friday, which means Jack and I will be hanging out. I’m excited about that too - just look at how big he’s getting:

I am ready for a serious conversation

Personally, there hasn’t been a more exciting time in my life then right now. Jack is growing at a rapid pace, Erin and I are having fun, and work-wise we’ve been very busy at work with continued development of our core product, as well as iPhone and BlackBerry mobile applications. We’re even going to start digging into Google Android applications.

It’s become a lot harder to go out at night, so Erin and I have been cooking more and trying a lot of different beers. My current favorite beer is Pliny the Elder, a nice hoppy IPA from Russian River Brewing Co. If you’re reading this and want to grab a beer sometime, let me know - I’ve been buying up plenty of good stuff while we’ve been out running around here and there. It’s amazing how many good beers can be found in different stores throughout Chicago (Mandy’s Liquors on Lawrence, Armanetti’s on Lincoln, Whole Food’s on Ashland and of course the bigger stores like Binny’s). I can’t wait for the farmers markets to start up so that we can try new recipes and pair up in-season locally grown food with the tasty beer and wine we’re finding.