No no…this is not a blog post about GE’s Darwinistic approach to people management, this post is about a bet I made with my wife. What’s the bet you say? I bet her that I could lose 10% of my body weight (or 25 lbs). Actually it’s a pretty weak ass bet since we really didn’t agree upon the terms of the bet.

I know, you must think this is a crazy bet. I can hear your thoughts: “But Jeff, you’re in great shape…how could you possible cut 10% of your body weight?” I’m sure my brothers are laughing right now.

The whole thing started after Erin and I finished working out yesterday, and I stepped on the scale. I tipped in at 248 lbs, about 13 lbs more than my average weight over the past five years. The thing is…I’ve been working out harder than ever. Now that I’m my own boss, I can usually tweak my schedule to lift weights or go for a run 5-6 days a week. But, I’ve also felt that I’ve stepped up my total food consumption at the same time.

225 pounds, here I come. It should take me a couple months. I’ll let you know how it goes. This bet reminds me that I need to build an application to track this stuff.