If you’re a Chicago resident reading this and enjoy coffee, take a few seconds to vote for your favorite coffee shop via Citysearch: http://chicago.citysearch.com/bestof/winners/coffee

On one hand, you have Metropolis Coffee Company, a great shop in Edgewater (I’m actually writing this post from Metropolis right now). You can’t beat their coffee, nor the energy that Jeff and Tony Dreyfuss have created since opening shop on Granville. Erin and I love the coffee so much that we gave out 1/4 lb bags of it at our wedding.

On the other hand, you have Intelligentsia. Intelligentsia is clearly the more established of the two, having three shops: their flagship on Broadway, their second shop on Van Buren, and their newest shop near Millenium Park. Intelligentsia is well known for it’s Black Cat espresso and dedication to the farmers that grow their beans in Central America.

Tough vote - Intelligentsia edged Metropolis out in 2005.

I also love The Grind (my neighborhood favorite) but I am not counting them as a contender since they don’t roast and serve their own beans.  I don’t know…is that fair?  It just seems like the roasters should take the prize.