I’ve taken the whole week off to relax and stay local. It’s pretty nice.

It’s Erin’s 26th birthday today (happy birthday!). We’re heading out for dinner and a movie in a few hours. Jin Ju (Korean) on Clark St, not sure about the movie.

Tomorrow, we’re heading out to dinner with a bunch of people then heading back to Erin’s brother’s place for a new years eve party.

The year 2005 has gone by far too fast, and I suspect 2006 won’t slow down at all. Here are the top things that I want to do in 2006:

-Snowboard and ski for the first time -Travel to Spain, France, Switzerland, Holland and possibly Italy again -Receive scuba diving certification -Cycle a century (100 miles) -Spend 3-4 days in wine country (doesn’t really matter where, but probably back to California)

I hope that everyone has an amazing year in 2006!