I’ve been pretty busy lately, and haven’t take the time to write my thoughts down.

Work has been consuming most of my time over the last few months. I went to Bangalore, India for 9 days to meet with a great team that we’re ramping up. I’ve also spent a lot time visiting college campuses, recruiting a bunch of smarty pants students. I’ve been very impressed with the people I’ve met on campus, there were even a few students that i wanted to hire on the spot.

My dad and uncle came to Chicago last weekend to visit Erin and I, and to see the Iowa vs Northwestern football game. My brother dave came too. Iowa choked in the last two minutes, which sucked.

Erin and I saw Wilco at the Auditorium Theatre on November 1.

Erin and I celebrated our one year anniversary on November 6th! I took her to see a play and we went to a new sushi place for dinner (Kaze in Roscoe Village). She bought this gigantic 23” inch monitor to use with our Powerbook at home - it’s really sweet. I’ve been digging around and planning our next vacation (a few weeks in Europe in the spring).