This last weekend was a nice, long weekend. On Friday, Erin and I went to Milwaukee to visit my older brother and his family. While there, we saw the Black Crowes and Tom Petty at SummerFest. We came back on Sunday to see the Cubs play the Nationals, a team I didn’t know existed until I looked at the ticket stub. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my machismo, and that not only should I know who the Washington Nationals are, but I should be able to recite a long list of stats from the past fifteen baseball seasons. But I don’t, and it’s because baseball is just plain boring. I know that’s un-man, and un-American…but come on! Football, hockey, bicycle racing- all exciting. Erin even made a comment that it doesn’t seem like players were running hard enough. Hell…without beer, the sport of baseball might not even exist!

We finished the weekend off at a park up the street to watch the ‘unofficial’ fireworks ceremony at Winnemac Park. We were walking home from a dinner/movie date with our friends Seth and Katie when we noticed the enormous fireworks display going on up the street. Our neighbors had told us about the fireworks, but we thought that they were talking up amateur hour. No no, this wasn’t the case at all. Within the park, we saw a dozen or so groups of people that were setup. As different rounds were fired off, you could see all of the empty canisters lying about the park, it was like a pyro playground. The sky was full of brilliant color and lighting, the air thick with explosions and leftover smoke. We watched the show for about 30 minutes until the finale. I think the show lasted for about an hour and half.