Erin and I started this last weekend off by seeing Martin Sexton at Navy Pier’s Skyline Pavilion. The pavilion is an excellent place to see a show, with nearly perfect sound and refreshing lake shore breeze floating through.

While Erin was co-hosting a tea party + baby-shower at the Drake (hotel) for one of her friends on Saturday, I had the guys over to get our chill and grill on. I tried my hand at cooking up some pizzas on the grill. I learned that pizza stones are not meant for super hot grills, and that the best pizza combination of ingredients is: dough, fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and fresh basil. Add sauce and a little olive oil and you have the traditional recipe for Floretine style pizza named pizza margarita. We drank, and drank, and drank and then left my place to continue drinking.

Sunday started off very blurry, and somewhat painful. Shortly after waking at 7:30 am, I made a deal with myself to start taking better care of my body and mind. I then fell back asleep until 9 am, at which time I woke in considerably worse pain. Erin wasn’t bad at all, but I attribute that to her tea drinking frenzy and late start with us on Saturday night. We slowly recovered, and were back in action mid-day. We met Erin’s family over at a German fest in our neighborhood and went out for an Indian dinner at a local favorite: Essence of India