Happy New Year friends and family. I hope you have a great year!

Here are a few things that I found interesting today:

The Way We Eat Now (Harvard Magazine) We’re fat, we’re getting fatter, and we’re ok with it. The best advice I’ve heard about slimming down: eat slow and decrease your portion size. If you’ve ever sat down to more than one meal with me, you’d have seen enough to know that I eat every meal like it is my last. So, it’s a new year and I’m going to slow down…and eat less.

An old beating on the hood of a cab I was walking to the gym this afternoon and I saw an old man blocking a cab from driving through the intersection at Wacker and Jackson. From what I could deduce, the cab driver tried to jump the intersection too quickly and almost clipped the old man. The cabbie noticed the old man just shy of an ‘old-man-on-the-pavement’ incident, and the old man flipped out on the cabbie. Go old man!

Smashing Pumpkins: Drown (bootleg) I haven’t listened to the Pumpkins in a long time, and this bootleg kicks ass. I love it when I listen to a CD that re-introduces me to a great band.