It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything personal. Usually I just post random news and and an occasional quip, but I’ve been thinking lately that I should just post a quick “this is what I’m up to” (besides working).

So, here it goes:

- Planning a wedding -
Erin and I are busy making plans for our wedding. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be in October. We did have a date and place nailed down…but the city of Chicago shut down that place a few weeks ago after an electrical inspection. That was definitely an annoyance, but I view it as a good thing. I’d rather keep my family and friends out of a potentially dangerous situation. So, now we’re scrambling to find another venue.

- Buying a house -
Erin and I are moving. Our new house is on my mind a lot. It’s sick how much I think about it. I keep thinking about the extra space we’re going to have, and what do with it. More info to come…we move in June 15.

- Trip to Hawaii -
In Early April, Erin and I took a trip with my family out to Maui, Hawaii. The warm weather was nice, and it was cool to spend the week with my family. I tried surfing with my nephews (they crushed me), hiked to some waterfalls with my brother, and spent a lot of time with the entire family near the ocean. My advice to those who are traveling to Hawaii (or any other islands with a 5+ hour time change)…stay for two weeks.

- Strumming guitar -
I’ve been playing guitar in the Grateful Dead ensemble at the Old Town School of Folk Music. For our last eight week session, we covered songs from the albums ‘Blues for Allah’ and ‘Terrapin Station’. On Saturday April 24, we got together and performed for a small audience of family and friends at the OTSFM in Lincoln Park. For our next session, we’re covering a live album, ‘Reckoning’.

- Learning to Ride -
I am learning to ride a motorcycle this upcoming weekend. A friend and I decided to sign up for a two day training course at Motorcyle Riding’s Cool. I’ll let you know how it goes…

I hope everyone is doing well!