I had a great weekend. It started off on Friday at a Borders where I spent some time looking for a good book about traveling to Europe. I picked up a volume of the ‘Let’s Go’ series and will be studying that for awhile. The current plan is to fly to London and spend 4-5 days there, venture off to Italy to spend 7-8 days, and then back to London to catch a return flight home.

Saturday was a day of mountain biking in Wisconsin at Kettle Moraine. I rode two trails, blue and orange, and my legs quickly gave off to how drastically out of shape they are. Regardless, the trails weren’t crowded and the my friends and I had a great time.

Sunday, as it often does, seemed like a day full of errand running. It was topped off by 2 out of 3 wins by my volleyball team in the season opener. The two wins not only started off the season for us on a good vibe, but clinched the team a free picture of beer afterwards.