jjudge Jeff Judge

Hamburger madness, week 2

March 26, 2007

We chose to visit erwin (2925 N Halsted) for the second round of the hamburger challenge. This place seemed like erwin was a no brainer, as it received the top spot for classic hamburgers in TimeOut Chicago a few weeks ago.

Boy were we wrong...

Let me tell you, erwin doesn't even hold a candle to the Grafton. First off, erwin's burger was smaller than the size of the bun, much smaller in fact. I ordered my burger cooked medium rare, with white cheddar cheese. The burger comes standard with fries and horseradish coleslaw. The fries were pretty tasty, although slightly cold. The coleslaw was fine. The burger was trapped in this weird state between raw and medium rare, and it didn't have a ton of flavor to it. Bummer...we had pretty high expectations for this place given it's excellent service and high ratings.