• Hello, Trackernaut

    I wrote a post on Medium about Trackernaut, a new web application I’ve built to aggregate data and build a personal dashboard. (more)

  • Pour over coffee starter kit

    I was both impressed and curious with the recent launch of kit.com, so I decided to create my first kit. (more)

  • To all the makers

    I recently picked up a new helmet for my daily commute. (more)

  • Scale Matters

    I’ve been building a new application to track my personal fitness data. I’ve always loved thinking how to best represent data in visual ways, and not surprisingly it’s easy to get excited when you’re playing with your own data. While looking at my body weight this morning, I was reminded of how much scale impacts perception. (more)

  • Ravenswood Run

    I’m happy to say that I ran the Ravenswood Run this last Sunday. (more)

  • Update

    It’s been a while since I’ve written about what I’m up to, so here it goes. First, my company Signal was acquired in April 2014. At some point I’ll write about that process, but I’ll summarize for now as a nice win and lots of lessons learned (more)

  • Hello Eleanor!

    On Thursday, March 19th, Erin and I welcomed Eleanor Jane Judge to the world. She was born at 8:36 AM, weighing 6 pounds and 12 ounces, measuring 19 1/2 inches tall. I brought Erin and EJ home on Monday afternoon, and everyone is doing great. Jack, Caelin and Evie are really excited to have their sister home, and everyone has stepped up to help take of her (and mom). (more)

  • Managing your time

    I had the good fortune to look at my calendar this morning and see that I had zero scheduled commitments for the day. I generally try to keep my schedule light, but it’s rare to have a weekday where nothing is scheduled. I tweeted my excitement, and my friend Harper replied asking me how I did it. I thought it was a red herring at first, but looking through my schedule over the past six months I realize I’ve done a better job managing my time. (more)