I'm a dad, husband, and entrepreneur that lives in Chicago. That's me on the right below:

Troy, James and I after a morning ride

I'm long on human innovation and fascinated with technology. I want to spend the rest of my life building products that help people and organizations learn and better decisions.

I'm currently working on Bright, a new analytics product to help businesses grow faster by providing actionable metrics. I'm joined by two cofounders, and we recently graduated from Techstars. The product launched in March and we're working through lots of great feedback.

Prior to Bright, I cofounded and led Signal (acquired by BrightTag, now Signal), and was an early engineer / engineering leader at Orbitz. I taught myself how to program while working as a management consultant, and have been in love with building products ever since.

I live in the great city of Chicago with my wife and four kids:

My family

Outside of work and family, I help improve walking, biking and public transit in Chicago as part of Active Trans, and like to mentor startups.

If you'd like to connect, send me an email or message me on Twitter.